Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Evergreen has created a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs to make a meaningful impact to the City of Cleveland and its local residents. However, it’s important to understand that our model doesn’t fit everyone and everyone doesn’t fit our model. 

Our entrepreneurs have proven track records of working in high-paced, focused and performance driven environments. We are in the business of building sustainable businesses that have the opportunity to last for years to come. 

Evergreen is looking for entrepreneurs who want the opportunity to build new green companies. We want individuals who can assist in the transformation of business ideas deemed viable by our partners, developing solid business plans based on a clear set of performance-driven economic, social, and environmental metrics. These entrepreneurs work with the rest of the Evergreen Business Services team to take a specific business idea that’s been vetted by our community of partners and take charge of the associated requirements necessary for creating a lasting employee-owned company from its beginning stages as a viable business idea. Not every entrepreneur wants to take a vetted business idea and be responsible for launching a new business with all the elements that entails. Not every entrepreneur wants to stay on as a CEO years after the business is fully operational and profitable either. 

Evergreen is looking for entrepreneurs who are committed to this same high-paced, focused and performance driven environment, while more interested in being the CEO of an Evergreen business long-term and not necessarily wanting to begin at the stage when it’s only a viable idea. We are looking for those individuals with proven entrepreneurial experience and the capacity to manage and grow a business after it’s first 2-3 years of operation.

If you consider yourself to fit into either category, we would like to hear from you. Evergreen brings together a set of world-class institutions in Cleveland to craft viable business ideas with the support of those institutions to launch successful companies that will provide jobs, create wealth, and revitalize the neighborhoods of Greater University Circle.