Evergreen Businesses

The Evergreen Cooperatives are an integrated network of for-profit, employee-owned, green businesses in Cleveland. Evergreen transforms lives and neighborhoods by building profitable and sustainable worker-owned businesses linked to the supply chains of the city’s anchor institutions and other locally based customers. We are working to revitalize core city neighborhoods through job and wealth creation for our employee-owners, while supplying our customers with highest quality, cost-competitive services.

All of the Evergreen Cooperatives have a shared business philosophy. Our guiding corporate principles include:

  • Transform neighborhoods – one person, one business at a time
  • Demand excellence and continuous improvement from our entire team
  • Build nimble, results oriented, sustainable businesses 
  • Conduct business ethically and with integrity
  • Use earth friendly practices in every business, every day
  • Create innovative business solutions with our customers
  • Build strong businesses through strategic planning, education, and professional development
  • Delight the customer at all times
  • Evergreen LaundryEvergreen Laundry
  • Evergreen Energy SolutionsEvergreen Energy Solutions
  • Green City GrowersGreen City Growers